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Our School Day


Pupils should not arrive until 8.35a.m. School begins at 8.45a.m. and ends for dinner at 12.00 noon.


Most children stay in school for the dinner hour which finishes at 1.00p.m. children who go home should not return before 12.50p.m.


Registration takes place at 8.45a.m. and again at 1.00p.m. and parents are reminded of the need for children to be here in good time for this.


School ends at 3.15p.m. except Reception year and Year 1 who leave at 3.10p.m.

Absence from School


All absences in the register have to be identified as authorised or unauthorised. If your child is absent from school it would be helpful if parents could telephone in or write a note explaining the absence. We operate a system of "first day telephoning" if we have not received a message on the first day that a child is absent, so a message as early as possible is appreciated. Verbal messages from children cannot be accepted.


It is the policy of the LEA that family holidays should not, as a rule, be taken during term time. If however this is unavoidable, permission can be requested by completing a holiday form which is available from the Secretary's office.


Absence due to family holiday will only be authorised up to the first ten days in any one year, with any more absence being recorded as unauthorised.


Letters to School


If your child is absent or has a medical appointment during the school day it is a legal requirement that a note must be sent to inform school of this, as no child can be released without prior notification. All children leaving school at times other than official leaving times [12 noon or 3.15p.m.] must be collected from the office by an adult named on their contact form.