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How to help your child at home

Activities to develop the ICT skills of your Reception Year child include:

  • Using the keyboard to input the alphabet in lower and upper case, using the space bar in between each letter.
  • Using the keyboard to write their own name, holding the ‘SHIFT’ key for the capital letter.
  • Playing simple games on a site such as CBeebies - encourage your child to type the web address into the address line or a search engine, then let them play the games to develop mouse and keyboard skills.


Activities to develop the ICT skills of your Year 1 child include:

  • Taking a digital photo, uploading and manipulating it.
  • Create a self-portrait using a web-based resource such as Picassohead, then printing and displaying it.
  • Using the keyboard to create words and simple sentences.
  • Talking to your child about how computers help them to learn.
  • Citrine 9,996
  • Emerald 10,533
  • Ruby 10,692
  • Sapphire 10,713