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Meet Our Staff

Head Teacher & Deputy Head Teacher

Ms. Alison Harrison (Acting Headteacher)
Mr Jonathan Webb (Acting Deputy Headteacher)

Assistant Head Teachers

Miss Alison Gray
Mrs. Caroline Tams (Senco)

Phase Leaders

Natalie Moore                     EYFS/Reception
Caroline Tams      Year 1 and 2
Alison Gray               Year 1 and 2
Jonathon Webb                    Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Class Teachers

Mrs Natalie Moore (Reception Teacher and EYFS Phase Leader)
Mrs Gemma Wilkes (Reception Teacher and Phonics Lead)
Mrs. Emma Hemmings  (Reception Teacher and Art Lead)
Mrs.  Lucy  Britton    (Year 1 Teacher and History Lead)
Mrs. Natalie Moore   (Year 1 Teacher and Year 1 Transition)
Miss Emma Hails   (Year 2 Teacher and Rights Respecting Schools Lead)
Miss Amy Harbach    (Year 2 Teacher and Religious Education Lead)
Miss Helen Pritchard  (Year 2 Teacher and Science Lead)
Miss Adele Godsil       (Year 3 Teacher)
Mr. Chris Nelson  (Year 3 Teacher and Geography Lead)
Mr. Steven Banfield  (Year 4 Teacher and Spanish Lead)
Miss Tracy Thompson  (Year 4 Teacher and Drama & Dance Lead)
Miss Charlotte Gibbs      (Year 5 Teacher)
Miss Sian Perry               (Year 5 Teacher and Physical Education Lead)
Miss Charlotte Saul (Year 6 Teacher and English Lead)
Miss Anna Clayton (Year 6 Teacher and PSHE Lead)
Ms Liz Comley (Music Teacher and Music Lead)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Hayley Montgomery (Reception)
Miss Tai Worwood (Reception)
Mrs. Michelle Bayton (Reception)
Miss Kate Ball (Reception)
Mrs. Belinda Cook (Year 1)
Miss Dianne Guest (Year 1)
Miss Shirley Lal (Year 1)
Mrs Rachel Skingle (Year 1)
Miss April Fereday (Year 2)
Mrs. Emma England (Year 2)
Mrs. Sharon Gutteridge (Year 2)
Mrs. Justine Newman (Year 2)
Miss Chelsea Edge (Year 3)
Mrs. Andrea Hillman (Year 3)
Mrs. Tammy Holland (Year 3)
Mrs. Dianne Beaman (Year 4)
Miss Haylee Jones (Year 4)
Miss Julia Hedgecox (Year 5)
Miss Louise Wakeman (Year 5)
Mrs. Dawn Oakley  (Year 6)
Mrs. Elaine Day (Year 6)
Miss Rachel Pickett (HLTA Year 1 and 2)
Miss Lori Russell (HLTA Year 3 and 4)
Mrs. Jennie Davies (HLTA Year 5 and 6)

Support Staff

Mrs Helen Houlston (Safeguarding Officer and Leaning Mentor)
Mrs. Alison Hedgecox (Reprographics)


Mrs. Dawn Fereday (PA to Head Teacher)
Ms. Claire Marsh  (Secretary)
Mrs Jo Bushell (Admin)

Catering Staff

Mrs. Tracey Burrows
Mrs. Helen Bannister

Dinner Ladies

Mrs. Kerry Russell
Mrs. Lyndsey Cooksey
Mrs. Alison Hedgecox
Mrs. Julie Rollinson
Mrs. Yasmin Shepherd
Mrs. Amanda Stevens
Mrs. Lynne Wood


Mrs. Lindsey Cooksey
Mrs. Kerry Russell
Mrs. Yasmin Shepherd
Sharlene Simcox
Flavia Stratford

Site Managers

Mr. Phil Robbins
Mr Alex Kitching