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All absences in the register have to be identified as authorised or unauthorised. If your child is absent from school it would be helpful if parents could telephone in or write a note explaining the absence.  We operate a system of “first day telephoning” if we have not received a message on the first day that a child is absent, so it would be appreciated if you could please message us as early as possible.  

Verbal messages from children cannot be accepted.

If school have not been notified of a child's absence and have been unable to make contact, a home visit will be carried out to ensure the safety of that child. 


It is the policy of the Government that family holidays should not be taken during term time.  

Absence due to family holiday will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If this is the case, please contact the school to discuss the particular situation.

Leave of absence that has not been authorised by the head teacher could lead to a fixed penalty notice, per child, per parent. 


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