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A History of Russells Hall Primary School


Originally, Russells Hall had two schools catering for Primary aged children.   
Russells Hall Infants - which opened in 1968 and Russells Hall Junior - which opened in 1970 
Because of demographic change, pupil numbers increased. The two schools were amalgamated in 1981 to form Russells Hall Primary School this being based on our present site. The infant school becoming Rosewood School, and is now the Cherry Trees Learning Centre.  
Changes also operated throughout those years. In 1972 the ages were changed so that the Infant School catered for children aged 5-8 years while the Junior School became 8-12 Middle. Our present children ages range from between 4 - 11 years. The school does not have a Nursery despite continued requests. However, we do work very closely with Silverbells Playgroup held during mornings at the Neighbourhood Centre. Some of the staff trained as Teaching Assistants with us and they liaise closely with our Early Years staff, particularly just before children start in Reception. There is a constant redecoration programme and we continually strive to ensure that our environment is maintained and improved. A great amount of internal reorganisation has been undertaken by the school to promote high quality learning environments, this is across the entire curriculum.   
Our Hall is multifunctional, catering for P.E, Music, Drama, as well as being the dining area for school meals. The kitchen was reopened in April 1995 so that our meals are now cooked onsite.  
Over the years pupil numbers increased and gradually five mobile buildings were added to accommodate the extra classes.  
In 2003 an extensive building programme was completed, replacing the mobile classrooms and including a medical room and additional toilets. We also have a lift to the upper floor. This has also allowed us to re-tarmac the playground, provide Foundation and Early Years play areas, and a 5-a-side and Netball Courts. We have also developed a Foundation Suite for the youngest children, joining the classrooms to make a series of themed rooms and extending to an outside classroom. This provides specifically for the needs of the youngest children.

  • Citrine 55,332
  • Emerald 60,977
  • Ruby 59,140
  • Sapphire 57,152