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On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect across the EU. It is a new law that is being implemented in exactly the same way across all EU countries to create a level set of rules to ensure all data held and processed by organisations within the EU is secure and processed lawfully. GDPR will bring higher standards for handling data and greater expectations for improved transparency, enhanced data security and increased accountability for processing personal data.

GDPR Training - Mind Map: Keep parents informed

GDPR Mind Map for schools visually shows the various tasks and key areas to understand in preparation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations ...

Schools have a legal duty to comply with GDPR so we have been:

  • Attending training courses
  • Making staff and governors aware of the implications
  • Reviewing all our data and documents and updating them.
  • Citrine 77,463
  • Emerald 88,605
  • Ruby 79,158
  • Sapphire 79,136